CLIENT: Dance 101 
Dance 101 is a family-friendly dance studio that offers classes to dancers of all ages. They pride themselves on creating a fun environment that provides quality recreational dance classes and instruction at a reasonable rate.  
The initial challenge was brand awareness and brand consistency. With more than 50 dance studios and instructors in the area, it was crucial to have marketing efforts that were recognizable as the go-to recreational dance studio.
The first objective was to create a consistent brand identity that reflected the values of the studio. We created standards that were implemented through outward marketing efforts such as social media, emails, and print materials. Another focus was on the process of internal branding with the core culture of the studio to create ownership from the staff as they are a major touchpoint to the customer. 
As a result of focusing the efforts first on solidifying brand adoption internally and increasing brand awareness externally, the studio has grown from a few classes of dozens of students to nearly a thousand active signups. This is largely on the part of creating a strategy with defined tactics that could be executed through collaboration with the studio. 

Every year, a new theme is created for the annual recital. The new theme is threaded through all aspects of the recital like the music, costumes, decorations and event materials. This keeps a fun and engaging experience year after year. The annual recital brings attendance of around 1,500 people each night for two nights. Tickets are usually sold out for the nearly two-hour show. 

Design materials: Custom apparel for instructors, t-shirts, stage decorations and backdrops, Snapchat filters, social media banners, reminder postcards, studio posters, recital programs, giveaways, step-and-repeat photo backdrop


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